Disaster Response


NIM Medical (Nolen Independent Management) is a clinical operations company that deploys throughout the United States in multiple capacities. NIM provides clinical resources and personnel to various government and private entities and offers emergency management, clinical operations, and logistics solutions in private, public, and corporate environments.

NIM Medical provides a fleet of operational and logistics services in a static or mobile capacity with resources that are adaptable to unfamiliar and unconventional environments and deploy to meet the needs of our clients. NIM’s expertise includes pre-hospital medicine, emergency and hospital management, public health, and technical rescue.

Integrity and clinical excellence are key tenets of NIM Medical philosophy. All NIM Medical staff perform to the highest expectation with the needs of the patient and the client being integral to our vision of success.  

Our Partners and Clients

Meet the Team

Nicholas Nolen

Chief Operations Officer

Sara Nolen

Chief Executive and Logistics Officer

Dr. Deanna Lassegard

Medical Director

Rob Willits

Instructor and Education Specialist

Avrey Mason

Field Operations Specialist

Jenny Ringling

Supply Chain Specialist, Wildland Fire EMT, RRO

Will Buckman

Wildland Fire EMT & Instructor

Josh Buttrell

Logistics and Fleet Specialist

Mari Daly

Field Clinical Instructor

Micah Siskin

Wildland Fire Paramedic & AHA Instructor