Nolen Independent Management

NIM Medical

NIM Medical (Nolen Independent Management) is a clinical staffing provider that operates throughout the United States in multiple capacities.  NIM provides resources to various government and private entities with clinical personnel that include EMTs and Paramedics, Nursing professionals, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, Dental Professionals, and Incident Command.  In addition, NIM specializes in clinical operations and quality assurance consulting to provide infrastructure development, creation, and expansion solutions.

NIM Medical staff and management are highly trained professionals that are flexible and adaptable to unfamiliar and unconventional environments and can deploy for nearly any timeframe and to any location.  NIM has deep professional backgrounds with a wide array of expertise including emergency medicine, pre-hospital medicine, hospital management, dental health, public health, search and rescue, critical care / ICU, quality assurance management, and operations management, and financial management.   

Integrity and clinical excellence are key tenets of NIM philosophy.  All NIM staff perform to the highest expectation with the needs of the community, patient and the client being integral to our vision of success. 

Public Health

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Wildland Fire

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What you need

  • License or Certification of profession

  • Identification or Drivers License

  • CPR Certification

Travel and work at vaccination sites across the United States.

Incredible opportunities to help vaccinate during the pandemic.

Providence, New York – Active outdoor FEMA site.

Providence, Rhode Island – Active FEMA site located Dunkin Donuts Convention Center.

Reisterstown, Maryland – Mobile site with 6 strike teams and 2 mass vaccination clinics.

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